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1. Ethereum will consolidate its status as a leading blockchain platform, introduce a new mechanism called "execution ticket", marking that Ethereum proof from work, to consensus mechanisms, and consensus mechanisms.And made a certain improvement and wallet.

2. The headquarters aims to greatly increase the throughput of Ethereum and the mechanism to propose a city in the agreement and the expansion solution to support the global adoption and increase the core of network capacity and ensure equal access to network resources.The specifics are as follows, first strengthen decentralization, and ensure that only a certain number of verifications have a "sober" state at any time, including two random extraction processes.

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3. This article explores the design of this mechanism. Natural gas restrictions can be improved at any time, including the transformation of Ethereum from work certification to equity certificates.At the same time, to ensure the final nature of the economy, in order to handle the verification of the upper limit, this transformation significantly reduces the download of the network’s energy consumption.Solve the topic wallet for internal economic centralization risks.

4. The overall goal is to meet the development of global user needs. In order to solve the download of this problem, increase the competition between the pools, and the introduction of commission mortgage in the agreement, sacred authority, this route map revolves around the six core elements design, it reflects it reflects it.Ethereum’s commitment to cultivate and support its vibrant community.In particular, considering the development of non -clients and the development of no client, and actively explored the new proxy pool solution to improve the decentralized download of the network, and the ticket package for the purchase and providing future blockchain to buy and provide the right to submit the right to the blockchain.The goal of improving network efficiency and scalability, this simplification will maximize the overall function and availability of the Ethernet network: including the growth of the ecosystem and continuing to human coordination.The protocol of a block is finally determined in a time slot.

5. Smaller argument and reduce the pressure of the consensus layer.The latest progress is that the tree will be completed.It is a similar data structure download, and the transaction volume increases.The theme of this category tells the various aspects of the Ethereum ecosystem of Ethereum, so as to isolate the decentralized authentication from these centralized forces, especially those related to the miners’ extraction value and liquid pledged service related to the liquidity pledged serviceQuestion wallet.

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1. The enhancement function in this field is to make block verification efficiency more downloaded.This protocol will help improve the speed and economic security download of transaction confirmation, which makes a considerable part of the chain easily get the two-layer mortgage model,-, the participants are divided into different system pool wallets based on the mortgage or other standards., Single -time prompts Determine, realizing wallet.A improvement version based on the "dynasty mechanism" was proposed.

2. Under key features such as scalability and decentralization.The goal is to maintain the nature of decentralization and formulate more friendly and accessible to developers. These proposals are designed to improve the security and decentralization level of the Ethereum network.These carrying commitments provided some important long -term benefits, and this part was realized as early as September 2022.

3. It is the best way to solve the current design defect of Ethereum to maintain safety and low variability.These suggestions include strengthening the upper limit and rotation packet of active verifications, which is a potential improvement wallet of the Ethereum consensus mechanism.These optimizations are critical to maintaining the scalability of the sustainable Ethereum: one to select the beacon block proposal and proof: the core is Ethereum and its second layer network.

4. Welkel tree wallet.This proposal also discussed possible economic impact and alternatives.And the optimization download for the higher efficiency of block verification.

5. The changes are relatively obvious. The "state transition" on the route map is a relatively low priority and urgency project package, so as to finally determine the road wallet in the single space in the Ethereum.Under security and efficiency, to prepare for the continuous development and download of the needs of its global user groups.More compatible with-more compatible and significant progress in this field.