Bo Farm Chain Add Wallet Address List Investment

1. Get it on the homepage of the wallet and remember these words in order.Enter the quantity you want to send, confirm the password again, and remember their address in order.

Bo Farm Chain Add Wallet Address Listing Investment Investment (TP Wallet Receives the airdrop tutorial)

2. Then select the "Import Wallet" option.Finally, click "Next" and add, and click the "Send" button tutorial in the upper right corner.Next.

3. After agreeing to continue the address, click the "Create New Wallet" option tutorial on the homepage.Please select the "Private Key Import" option to collect it. Create a wave field () wallet in the wallet is very simple. Click on the "receipt" button on the wallet homepage.

4. Suitable for novices and experienced users to use wallets, enter your payment password to confirm your identity, and enter your payment password.Click the "Settings" option to add, and the wallet is set in the browser.And choose the appropriate miners cost airdrop.After opening the wallet.

5. Set your payment password.You will see a notes composed of 12 words. Select the "Key Notes Import" option wallet, and then paste or manually enter the receiver’s wallet address.

TP wallet collection airdrop tutorial

1. Safe and reliable wave field () wallet plus money, you fully control your private key and asset airdrops.Wallets are a powerful function.Next: Continue the next tutorial and select "Backup Wallet".

2. Teacher according to the introduction method you choose.Wallets also provide the following features and functions to add money.

3. If you need to restore the wave field () wallet, open the application and select the "Create a New Wallet" option airdrop.In addition to the wave field () address, select the corresponding option to add according to the type of wallet you hold,

4. Backup and recovery wave field () wallet is very important for wallets. Please follow the steps below to perform the operating address. If you already have wave field () wallet.

5. Open the wallet and enter your wallet page to take a set airspace, please be sure to save it properly.It is convenient for users to directly access and use various decentralized applications and add money, and complete the introduction process according to the prompts.Click "Next" Add.You will be able to manage and use the original wave field () wallet in the wallet, please be able to preserve the tutorial properly.