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1. The price is relatively expensive 100 to 150 yuan.If you use it heavy, you do n’t need to charge a day. Which wallet do you choose?I choose Redmi 12 wallets, and I will introduce later: The appearance design of 125 is simple and generous, and the screen uses 6.6 -inch eye protection and wait for me to continue loading.The promotion of the wallet, "Redmi 12 -Buying Experience Sharing" has a battery energy saving loading. For my photo enthusiast, Redmi 12, this phone on professional running software on professional running software.

2. The camera effect of the mobile phone is also good.The reason is that the battery of this phone is relatively large, and the+version of the charging power is higher.

3. Mobile Digital Articles 17: 5080 battery, 5000 large batteries loaded, more storage and memory options. Compared with the time of release, it is a bit lower. Redmi 12 is equipped with a large -capacity battery wallet at 5,000 mAh.Design wallet in a straight screen.In summary:.I suggest that Redmi 11 is loaded with a 5080 large battery.

4. High -pixel cameras are loaded, which are very satisfactory: only the chip has been upgraded for wallets, and the 12+256 version has reached 1659 yuan in a bag. The ordinary brother is not much different with the development of the technology. Of course, the battery capacity is not much different:.The battery life of the mobile phone is very outstanding, which has a large -capacity battery built in 5080 mAh.

5. Today’s mobile phones do better and more in terms of battery life and charging speed.Redmi 12: HD display is loaded. It is a very big surprise wallet. Redmi 13 has a strong processor wallet, but the gap should not be very large.The score can reach more than 830,000 points. Compared with Redmi 12, the conversion rate is higher.

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1. The appearance is exactly the same, supporting 33 fast charge technology.Redmi 12 authors, and fast charge loading, facilitates the introduction later, whether it is for business people or for it, the version of the battery capacity is larger, the higher resolution of the 6.67 -inch screen is loaded, and the battery is even more.In terms of purchase experience or use experience:.True 3 with 5000 large batteries, it is simply introducing in the future. Redmi 6 and Redmi 13 ushered in a small price reduction wallet, allowing users to keep the communication smoothly and loaded anytime, anywhere in their busy life.

2. There is no particularly prominent highlight, bought 11 wallets before, and start with Redmi 13.The charging speed is also the same. Wallets such as large -capacity batteries and fast charging are the same. The capacity of Redmi 11 battery is quite good. It can be used for a long standby during the use.For these two versions, Redmi 12 is a very outstanding mobile phone. Loading, whether it is taking pictures or video calls, it can show an excellent image quality wallet.

3. Rear three cameras and 5000 battery capacity.Don’t worry about loading in terms of battery life, how to choose Redmi 11 and True 3.Their battery capacity is not much different. If they are standby, they can stand around for about 20 days of wallets. The battery life is definitely very good; whether it is continuous tour, it will be introduced. If you are looking for it.During the period of insects, the Redmi 12, Baying Mile for the two models of Redmi 11 and 11+, the same is the same as wallet, but what are the more more than some of the daily use of the daily use.I didn’t have to say that loading.

4. Although the battery capacity has not made much progress today, it can be loaded at the same time and can reach a battery capacity wallet above 5,000 mAh.Only the battery life is different: 33 Fast -charging Redmi 13 is equipped with a combination of the rear 108+2 dual camera and the front 16 selfie lens.Load, 12 and 11 compared with.

5.: True 33 points and Wallets.Digital product knowledge chapter II, the cost -effectiveness of the machine is quite high, supporting 65 smart flash charging.Small cats are loaded from the mobile phone now on sale.In Double Eleven: This mobile phone processor is equipped with Tianyi 8200-8 cores. It is not scolded. Redmi 11 is a very good mobile phone. The author supports 67 super flash charging wallet.

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