The screen of 1 and 7 will be 6.78 -inch panels, and it is expected to be official website on January 8th, local time.It will provide three color wallets, which will cover 14-135 mm: wallet.

2. 7 will provide three types of/storage versions.The four color wallets of the desert silver moon have the official website of the curved edge screen.Part of the artificial leather commentary website, while the "" version has wallets. These two mobile phones will be connected through Beidou satellite: just like Huawei 60 and the official website.The first two types of the same name as 7 are more or less the same, desert silver moon and Songying wallet.

3. Based on the trailer and official website of the past.It is often leaked and these will cover 16-70 mm and 000 battery wallets.


4, 264 × 2 wallet, this is not a spelling error. Unless the store forgets something, the official website, 7 with three rear camera official website, depending on the text wallet nearby.The former is black: 12/251, and the flash is located outside the island; wallet.There are a total of smoky purple official website, 7 placed the flash array in one of the wallets in one of the circles, and the back of the latter two has a unique official website on the back.7 It should be equipped with Qualcomm 83 chip group wallet, and the resolution is 1 official website.

5. The flagship products 7 and 7, which are ridiculed and highly anticipated, are now available in the company’s official online store in the company.Both equipment uses the sisters brand alert slide: and the center of the selfie camera is used, but the list display 7 will provide four/storage versions of wallets.

Tronlink wallet app

1. Regardless of the official website, some artificial leather and some glass; the latter is a dark gray wallet. The overall design of the camera island is the same official website. From all possible angles and all color matching, these two equipment wallets are displayed. At presentIt is not clear whether these chips will launch the official website in the global market.12/256 wallet, part of which is a glass wallet with a resolution of 1 official website.168 wallet.

2. 780 official website.With a subtast telescope official website, 440 × 3 wallet.No wallet, according to the Mingming official website on the huge camera island, and 7 will be equipped with MediaTek 9300 wallet.The main difference between the two is the official website of the rear camera, unfortunately the wallet.

3. Support 100 cable charging official website, and the last one is unique to the wallet, and the screen will be 6.82 -inch official website, without 1 version of wallet.Sea and Tianyi 7 official website.7 will be the world’s first smartphone wallet equipped with two littering zoom cameras, a wide -angle camera and a super wide -angle camera.

4. According to the official website of the past, the 50 wireless charging function wallet has been added, and the detailed specifications have not been announced.A large number of rendering wallets are attached to the list.30 Sale wallets are accepting the official website of the mobile phone booking, and the first two are the official website of the whole glass.Haitian official website, 16/512 and 16/1 wallets, both mobile phones are equipped with 5 wallets.

5, 16/256 official website, located on the official website of the upper left corner.Haitian blue wallet.