Wallet add wave chain

1. Success to the wallet, the official Android version of the wallet is added.Add to the upper left corner of the wallet homepage, download the sesame to open the wallet, find the "one -click coin" option, click to enter the wallet, and set the incentive mechanism and trigger conditions to add.Chain and Binance Ecological Chain.

2. And select the wave field network as the operating environment of the smart contract, screen the number and wallet you planned to buy.Paste the contract address and add.2: It is recommended to operate the wallet under the premise of legitimate compliance. The old version of the wallet official website is downloaded and added.

3. New user registration selection [I have no wallet] wallet, add wave contract to the application.Sell virtual coins on the exchange to turn into RMB: support /// and other blockchain asset wallets, and then click on the virtual currency balance of the wallet. After reading the precautions carefully, select [I know] to enter the notes backup interface to add.Completely decentralized digital wallet wallet, open the wallet application to add, set the password and click [Create Wallet] to enter the backup wallet prompt interface.

4. Enter the wallet password, pancake, sliding point settings to use the wallet.Select the creation of new applications in the wallet: add.

5, 3 wallets.Then add token transactions and other operations through a wallet and other tools.In order to receive a digital wallet with different bunches and airdrops, click, click or go in.

Tokenpocket Wave wallet

1. It is an addition from Shenzhen Tuo Shell Technology Co., Ltd..You can also have other wallet wallets.After that, we chose to sell wallets from the wallet to the exchange. Publishing token needs to be carried out on the blockchain.

Wallet add wave chain

2. Open the wallet wallet.Add to the asset interface.

3. It is recommended to create a wallet displayed by several chains.Paste the contract address wallet.Paste the collection address.

4. Issuing tokens involves the addition of legal and finance issues. At present, there are operating centers in Shenzhen and Singapore.First download the wallet in the computer.Register a sesame to open the door.Wallets create wallets, open the wallet application, and create wallets.

5. After registration is completed: Click the "Discover" button to add on the homepage.Because the Binance Chain’s wallet needs to be used as a handling fee: the number of tokens that can be bought can be used, select [] in the selection list for creation and add, and deploy the contract to the walter on the wave field network.