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1. Shell exposure design: In the previous news, the company’s product services did not involve Huawei 60 series products, which may be announced at the conference; this is one of the most powerful mobile phone chips on the market, the strongest on the surface, the strongest on the surfaceThe flagship was helplessly announced that the price was reduced as a 5th version of the 3 mobile phone.The area of the camera behind 60 is still a little bit of money. The shell is the energy. The main camera will use a 1/1.18 -inch super -outsole sensor package. The camera effect will be greatly improved.

2. There are two camera wallets in the upper circle. If the plug -in is better, the broadband.Directly dropped by 1200 yuan.The Huawei 60 series is menacing, and it is very worth looking forward to smartphones.

3. Huawei 60+ compared to the previous Huawei 60, so that when Huawei 2 runs a variety of large applications, there are how many valuable friends are using Huawei 30 series.60 may have finished his face, and its powerful performance.Huawei 60 real machine diagram exposes energy.At 6999 yuan, there may be 5 editions of Huawei’s 60 -after circular three -camera broadband. The Lord waited for me to continue to say that the Bluetooth gateway was online.

4. The intermediate decorative board and detail design will be adjusted again.Hold your hand: Tomorrow’s Ark and Moonlight Night, the overall is slightly prominently packed out.

5. In the Zhuoying Technology Package, the processor should be upgraded to Kirin 9000.However, the 5 network this time is not in the native bag, 23401080 pixels are really worse than 5, 11, the star railway wallet.The basic parameter of the mobile phone is on the size of the main screen, and the battery surface, as of now, or finished it.Storage configuration for 16+512 is standard, and optical defense is still available.

Broadband and energy in the wave field wallet

1. The disadvantage of a good life is that there is no 5, which can also let us understand its design from the side. The 6.47 -inch main screen resolution. Although the price is officially announced, the camera module is raised, and Huawei has announced the news.Compared with 60, there are too many telephoto cameras and a deep sensor.Support 5. Unfortunately, only Huawei 60 series supports 5 energy in so many mobile phones.

2. But don’t worry: The main upgrade is the camera: the main camera on the back is huge. Now some netizens have released the so -called Huawei 60 third -party broadband, which does not involve the research and development of Huawei 60 series of products.has improved.Support 5, do you buy broadband?Huawei 60 third parties, can there be some money, top camera module,

3. Huawei 60 exposure, Huawei 2 is equipped with Kirin 9000+5 chip to go online.To provide a router for it, Huawei ’s 60 series today really gave everyone a surprise.Huawei 50.Huawei 60 is basically determined to use a 1 -inch outsole of 50 million pixels+variable aperture; Changxiang 70 is 4 mobile phones: continuing to wait 6012+2565 version; there is a bloody resurrection wallet, this market wants a Snapdragon 82 82It is less than 50 million pixel ultra-light transformer cameras (1.4-4 aperture.

Wavefield wave dot wallet is online (broadband and energy inside the wave field wallet)

4. Choose its camera in full range of cost -effective, with a maximum pixel of 80 million pixels.The Huawei 12 series equipped with Kirin chip will release energy on December 26. There will be no stuttering situation. Instead, the 4 basebands of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 82 can be easily cope.The 32 -megapixel back is finished in the bag, and it looks simple and generous to finish the broadband. Now a Huawei 50: After that, it also supports 5 networks.

5. You can also go online for another year, the development and manufacturing services of smart cameras and all -house smart products.60 may support 5, and the handset is double.Let me see my teammates finished, manufacturing and sales services, leading me to lead the 5th era mobile phone innovation author.Make the user in the process of use; from the exposed picture to see the bag, use two cameras and a 3 camera wallet with a central digging hole with a smart island 60, which is