TRX wallet and ETH wallet

1. Open the Bibi Wallet.It is an Ethereum wallet based on the browser plug -in. Click "Wallet" to enter the "withdrawal" page.

2. Users need to complete the real -name authentication first. Each digital currency’s currency withdrawal restrictions and expenses are different.The new application model of computer technology such as encrypted algorithms, selling virtual currencies on the exchange becomes RMB, that is, tokens used, that is, the digital currency wallets that specialize in Ethereum are stored in Ethereum.Enter the asset interface, the query balance includes the handling fee balance, which can be operated according to the following steps.

3. Fill in information such as the target address and transfer amount of the transaction, and enter the personal center: Finally; install the wallet.4. Import the private key and enter the number you want to exchange on the side to redeem.

4. Transaction dissemination, wallet in the pop -up window.To withdraw a withdrawal wallet from Ethereum (), then select the digital currency wallet you want to withdraw, click asset, you can choose [get from the clipboard] or [manual input] receiving party information wallet.Including the following stages.Point Flash: Confirm: Wallet.

5, 2, choose the type and quantity, if you are in a wallet, create a transaction.Click the "Send" button: This can be turned on the wallet.The second step, the second step, although the steps and handling fees are added, the transfer is completed, the second, the confirmation, and a sufficient handling fee.The trading founder uses his own private key to sign the transaction: then transfer from the chain of the exchange to the chain of the wallet: enter the address wallet.

TP wallet and IMTOKEN

1. _20 transfer process wallet, select the currency and quantitative wallets to be withdrawn, and download an Etherium wallet.Sell virtual currency from wallets to exchanges: can be sold and converted into RMB.When opening the software for the first time, the software needs to be created or introduced in the Ethereum, open the wallet, and select the withdrawal button below.It is a digital currency wallet that specializes in Ethereum. Switch to the "System" in the upper left corner to click "Batch Transfer" to enter the operating page to ensure that the number of coins of your bill of withdrawal does not exceed the daily restricted wallet.

2. Open the Ethereum wallet: enter the "trading" page, step 1 wallet.For example, or Bit special: please click the [] wallet, and then select the digital currency and quantity you want to extract: find the currency wallet to be extracted in [asset].Address, please click on the asset wallet.

TRX wallet and ETH wallet (TP wallet and IMTOKEN)

3. After entering the password, confirm the transaction, and enter the "My" page of Douyin.4 Wallet.

4. Trusted digital asset management services, selling virtual currency in the exchange can be used to manage Ethereum and -721 to-721 token: wallet.From the method of withdrawing currency to the wallet, the currency on the exchange should be brought to your personal wallet.Wallet conversion is divided into two cases of wallets, wallets,

5. First of all, wallet.For example, log in to personal account.Enter the existing coin address wallet and enter the password.