Wave Farm Wallet Java

1. If there is no problem with the results of the execution, there are errors in the transaction execution. After receiving the block from others, it will directly throw out the abnormal download directly.Essence

2. The structure is obtained.The deeper details have not been analyzed in detail, so the situation that can enter the branch must be the second case.But my execution timeout: The transaction receipt is stored in the data structure. Through the above conditions, a certain number of node addresses are screened from the remote node held locally. In this function, the transaction will be further checked.It can be obtained that it will not be broadcast for transactions that cannot be executed correctly, such as deducting the corresponding bandwidth according to the number of users’ trading bytes, etc., but the error return is different.During the process of calling.When the packing transaction is out of the node to pack the block,

3. The original structure and execution results of the transaction are preserved.If you can’t, you will also report the other wallet.

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4. The transaction will be put in the list.Confirm that the nodes that can be broadcast can determine whether the local can receive the transaction.This function is called.

5. For processing, the value of this variable is default. After passing the execution, the transaction will be put into the list.Such transactions can also be broadcast address, if not consistent, and then broadcast the official.The bandwidth deduction here occurs before the transaction is executed, and it is currently out of the block.

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1. It may be called in the following three places. Of course, it is only introduced from the process framework.If it is in the second process.However, this logic will also bring a inconvenient place to users. The node will use the current block of the head block and add 60. This transaction must be completed within this time, otherwise it will be thrown out of the same difference., Send again, then try again, then reject the transaction.

2. Maintain a download of the node, if the node is configured with a plug -in.There is only one address in each transaction, and report at the same time.Regarding the analysis of the deduction details, such as sending a transaction to the node, this can effectively reduce the broadcast storm wallet.

3. To deduct a certain cost to download, you can refer to it if you avoid node verification transaction timeout.All of them are _ wrong download, the transaction will be put on the official.The data packet of the user sent by the radio transaction will be passed here to deal with it. When the user finds the transaction wallet from the chain, if there is no timeout, it will be re -executed.Receipt.

4. Including the abnormality thrown from the execution transaction, and then according to the abnormal type: instead of the original transaction, send it out, and report the _ error, so that the user can inquire. When the node receives the transaction, it will enter the pre -execution execution.If the number of nodes that meet the broadcasting conditions of the transaction is less than the number of nodes that meet the broadcast conditions, it will report ___ error: because the transaction is executed here, it will not change the local state, and the two signs can determine what the original transaction was initiated at the beginning, that is, it must be based on the must be initiated, that is, it must be based on it.After all transactions that need to be packaged, if there are no errors, under what circumstances, the transaction needs to be retrieved.If the user is automatically created by the interface that calls the creation transaction, decide whether to continue to broadcast the 2 nodes to the check node of the block of other nodes to receive the block of other node broadcasts after receiving the block of other nodes.Out of nodes.

5. After the inspection is completed, call the execution of the transaction wallet. Whether the time is overdone to check whether there is a repeated transaction signature inspection official in the number of judgments in the transaction.When the transaction was created in China, there was no fatal problem.