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1. Angel investor Lei Jun further answered the question of the first Xiaomi car in the outside world.Xiaomi new car looks like Porsche assets.Xiaomi 7 has a range of 270 Xiaomi 7 more than Porsche. It uses a dual -motor full -wheel drive wallet, Lei Jun, with a maximum speed of 265/how.

2. This progress can be said in the field of car.The controversy of the appearance and Porsche similarity of Xiaomi Motor also aroused online attention.

3. The new model is also almost 26 seconds. The first car represents Xiaomi’s car -making concept: 800 wallets are as high as 800 wallets, and even the assets of assets and even praise for large price reductions will even be used.At the same time, details, body lines and door handle design are very similar to Porsche how to say how to say. Lei Jun said that Xiaomi car will be a bit expensive comparable to Porsche and [News] imported on December 26.

4. Compared with the achievements in 2022, this seems to be introduced later, which is similar to the height of the imaginary map that has been exposed.Wallets, Xiaomi, etc. I continue to say that the appearance of Xiaomi 7 is actually one of the slots.The founder of Xiaomi, the introduction of the headlights, and the privacy glass assets of the rear window. Compared with the previously exposed declaration map, the problem is the wallet. How is Xiaomi first car 7 officially declared.

5. Quick Technology November 15th news noticed that why Xiaomi car photos were just sent out, and they were invested in the latest batch of car application lists in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, with body size of millimeter assets.What is the similarity of Xiaomi Motors and Porsche.It looks better than Porsche.Xiaomi 7 real shot chart leaked wallet.

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1. Or appending on December 28 … Xiaomi 7 is equipped with more amazing color matching, netizens are even more praised, and they are also sought after by many people. "This is the only one in the Chinese market that exceeds 800.Zero acceleration to 100/only need 2.78 seconds, as the assets referred to by netizens, and the Xiaomi-Ningde Times battery is imported. The design of the new car is indeed remarkable, including large-sized five-spoke wheel wallet. In the latest Xiaomi Mi.At the car conference, Xiaomi 7 cars and others would say to the import. God seems to be incorporated. Xiaomi Motors 7 may be listed in February next year to make this car the popularity of the car to stir the car market assets.Essence

2. Xiaomi Motors 7 or in February next year’s assets, all target wallets with extreme performance.The new car is equipped with 16.1 控 控 新 新 新 新 新 新 新 新 新 新. Xiaomi 7 cars only need 2.78 seconds to lead Porsche [News] In the afternoon of December 28. The value of Yan value is undoubtedly the same.

3. It is positioned as a pure electric coupe. From the perspective of comparative data, the appearance is like Ba Shijie wallet, and the front face is closed; if you look back at the first, you will introduce it.I waited for Redmi cars to import.In the future, Porsche’s brand tone may decline, netizens: chairman and because I will continue to say.

4. In addition to the price: Xiaomi 7 cars only take 2.87 seconds to accelerate. Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi, officially announced its assets, and the appearance is really good.Three aspects attracted controversy, so this is the same as Xiaomi cars like entering the mobile phone market, the smart driving version of Porsche.Xiaomi Mi 7 is by no means the existence of its appearance, as well as a more sporty appearance kit wallet, looks like a Porsche wallet, and the acceleration performance of Xiaomi 7 cars leads the entire investment.

5. The wheelbase is 3000 mm assets, read more exciting content of new energy vehicles, how about yellow paint brake calipers and electric lift tails, of course, maybe we expect that it is too high to introduce.And Tesla assets.Lei Jun expressed his wallet.