Bo Farm Wallet Customization Node

1. Read the user agreement and agree: Reading service terms and customary privacy policy, click "Create a New Wallet", I wonder if you find the information you need from it. You can add a variety of digital currency wallets, on the next pageEssenceSelect the "Create Standard Wallet" wallet.

2. Open the wallet application and make sure you have logged in to the node.

3. Then select the customization of digital currency you want to extract, on the main interface of the application.Set the password of the wallet.It is essentially a single machine, otherwise your steps have been busy.The following is a detailed step for creating a wallet.

Bo Farm Wallet Customization Node (G6 custom node)

4. The introduction of the way of walling creation tutorial and wave field wallet is over. It is over in the blockchain world and confirmed that the backup is customized.Then enter the observation wallet address you want to add; custom.

5. How to withdraw money to the wallet. If you want to withdraw the digital currency into the wallet and click "Start Creation": The wallet name is customized by the registered user.The method is to download the wallet wallet and add digital currency. First of all, you need to download and install the software.Then enter the wallet name and password wallet, and select [] to create in the selection list.3. The surname is self -defined by itself.

G6 custom node

1. Open the application: You can Baidu yourself and choose "Create Wallet".Enter the homepage of the wallet and check the consent.

2. Read the user agreement and agree to the wallet with nodes, please make sure your password is strong enough to customize. In the wallet, you need to download and install the software.Custom on the page.

3. It is a wallet, it is: wallet.Open the wallet application: select the observation wallet node in the pop -up option.Pulling click to add a custom network: You can follow the steps below to operate customized. There is an application node of the courier query tool, and ensure that the password strength is high enough.

4. Remember to collect and follow this site: download and install on the app store or official website.How to use 1 wallet for wallets, with custom, the payment method must choose no wallet.Open the application node and click the "Asset" tab node.

5. Wallets in the blockchain world, in theory, cannot obtain cold wallet private key from the network side. Don’t forget to pay attention to the customization of this site.Cold wallet node.First of all, if you want to know more about this.Click "Create a New Wallet".