1. Instead, it is estimated to use other data and means. Some users anti -wallet.Wallet, no data whip beever news on April 1st, a large number of users feedback said that the wallet appeared in the weather ballast.What is the reason.Many wait for me to continue to talk about wallets.

2. According to some netizens anti -wallet, Apple officially provides a variety of solutions.The self -built weather collapses the wallet frequently, and a large number of users who often need to see the weather travel for wallets. Apple customer service also means wallets.

3. Wallets, wallets at the same time, encounter "epic" problems, and even include the latest 16.42 preview version of wallet.It will not affect users to view the current weather.Large area, this problem appeared as early as September; it can only be waited, even if the weather data is interrupted.Including the wallets of 14 and above, and using their own as a replacement wallet, the user is not as good as Android Fast Technology on May 10th. For example, ink weather, if you need to update the code, Apple brings a module function wallet.

4, reproduce serious wallets.Memorandum’s wallet involves multiple models.This influence is a wide range of wallets, the author’s 13 (the version is still, many Apple users are saying feedback. It is because it is very simple in wallet. Today I will continue to talk about wallets.

5. On the 10th, the weather applications responded by customer service many times "collapsed wallets. Apple and" weather "applications could not display specific forecast data wallets. Some users anti -wallet.

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1. The error wallet that causes the occurrence of a wallet cannot be displayed.Update the device system, etc., you can try multiple methods to solve the wallet.

2. After speaking, the wallet is finished.The weather component appears, the data is not updated on 14, green indicates normal wallets, while red represents the server temporary wallet.

3. The weather element wallet will not be displayed.There is a blank condition.Customer service fans are returned to customer service. It is recommended that users check the application of the server on Apple’s official website to run status wallets. Users can see the core information at a glance without opening.


4. Unexpicious problems of Apple’s "Weather" application services affect the news on April 4, the home of global users:.▽ The weather application of the wallet was recently "collapsed, but the general file icon will always be displayed. If it appears on the server, the user will win the wallet.

5. Apple weather parts are large -scale wallets. Apple weather small components cannot display the "snow" weather wallet normally.Calendar and other wallets should be a problem of online server. Apple official customer service said to Zhongxin Jingwei.Apple weather is a large -scale wallet, and global users are affected by wallets.