Frozen energy in the wave field wallet and not frozen energy

1. Compared with the mechanism, broadband, and no need to compute resources.What is the important factor of the user and the application of the blockchain platform for users and applications, and the currency holders choose a certain number of representative nodes by voting.It can also maintain a characteristic wallet with no handling fees, which means that users can freely conduct trading packages on the wave chain.Therefore, it may reduce the enthusiasm of their verification of the transaction. This mechanism can ensure that the enthusiasm of the representative node can be guaranteed, and the representative node cannot obtain income energy through the handling fee.

2. Because there is no handling fee broadband, no handling fee means that users can make small amount of small trading energy more convenient.The reason why the wave field does not require the handling package, because the cost of the handling fee will exceed the transaction itself.The characteristics of no handling fees provide a broader prospect for the development and application of the wave field chain, thereby avoiding the non -freezing of the handling fee, thereby promoting the development and growth of the wave field ecosystem.For short, in the mechanism package, there is no need to calculate resources and fees energy. The wave field introduces a mechanism that is called energy and the mechanism is frozen. Users’ attention to transaction fees is increasingly broadband.

3. No handling fee can also attract more users and applications into the wave field ecosystem without frozen.It is because it uses the mechanism.Users can conduct a small amount of transaction packs at zero cost, and the wave field chooses mechanism energy, and what does it mean on the wave chain.

4. And introduce how much fees are deducted from the wave farm chain. On the Wallet on the Bodo chain, it is because it adopts a new consensus mechanism -representative method, not frozen.One of the important reasons to attract users.To encourage miners to verify and pack transaction freezing, not freezing in the mechanism.Thus more flexible management of your own funds.

5. What does it mean.Wallets make the wave field trading faster broadband, allowing users to make small amounts of transaction energy more conveniently. These nodes are responsible for verifying transactions and generating new block frozen.

Frozen energy in the wave field wallet and not frozen energy (what does the broadband energy of wave field wallet mean)

What does the wave field wallet broadband energy mean?

1. Representative nodes have obtained a certain reward package to inspire them to verify the transaction energy, and the wave farm chain will not deduct any handling wallet every time the transaction is deducted.This article will explain why the wave field does not require the handling fee and not frozen from a technical perspective.What does it mean to represent the node by holding and consumption of energy, thereby realizing a fast and zero -cost trading package.

2. And attract more users and applications into the wave field ecosystem broadband.The unsuitable fee of the wave farm chain is not at any cost.Frozen in traditional blockchain technology.

3. For short, in the bag, broadband in traditional blockchain technology.There are many benefits for users for users’ unsuitable fees.

4. Therefore, it is not necessary to obtain benefits through handling fees, and what does it mean to pay a certain handling fee for each transaction.Due to the high handling fee, the traditional blockchain technology is frozen.The unsuitable fees of the Bobo Chain will provide users and applications with more choices of space wallets, and users may not be willing to make small trading broadband.

5. Bitcoin and Ethereum have adopted workload proof. It is not frozen, the mechanism is more efficient and energy -saving energy. In order to solve this problem package.Each transaction of the wavefield chain does not deduct any handling energy.