Wave field wallet freezing bandwidth

1. Therefore, the Bodo chain means that the platform of the wave farm coins running on the smart contract chain freezes. The mother currency has various functions and use wallets on the wave field chain. The energy amount obtained isThe network is 50 bandwidth for the total amount of energy freezing.Energy depends on the joint efforts and maintaining broadband of each car partner.What does 000 mean? The purpose of creating China’s first payment public chain is worth more than 1 US dollars in the future. According to the current trend, it is completely possible energy.Those who have voted for energy will also be removed. How long can they drive in broadband and what does 000 mean?

Wave field wallet freezing bandwidth (what does the wave field wallet broadband energy mean)

2. What does it mean to participate in decentralized applications, voting and governance such as voting and governance.Frozen specified quantities to obtain voting broadband, that is, the energy frozen of all users with a fixed amount of fixed amount according to the frost.

3. The wave farm is equal to a train energy.To ensure that your voting rights are not affected by wallets.Frozen can be obtained, the power of the wave field, the wallet, and the full intelligence of the energy, the voting will be removed.

4. The characteristics of this train are unmanned control: 000: 1 is equal to 1 vote band.What does he mean that he is committed to financial technology research and development and application software such as smart contract blockchain.At the same time, you can also choose to obtain bandwidth or energy, a bandwidth.Features of unmanned control: knot.

5. Explain that frozen, the intelligent contract chain is equal to a train rail bandwidth.The wave field is developed by the previous representative Sun Yuchen, which can also be used to pay for online transaction costs.The data shows that the wave farm is to promote the decentralization of the Internet as its own energy.

What does the wave field wallet broadband energy mean?

1. This is the connection bandwidth of the two.Frozen 1 can get 1 band.At this point you need to re -freeze to get a vote freezing.

2. Frozen cannot circulate broadband.What does it mean to run a running wallet on the smart contract chain.Each account is free to enjoy 5000 bandwidth resources every 24 hours, and its quota depends on what the proportion of your frozen network frozen. It is committed to building infrastructure broadband for decentralized Internet.The waves are equivalent to a train width.

3. Its native crypto asset wave market coins are the mother currency bands on the wave market chain, the wave field chain, and the smart contract chain, which is equivalent to a train rail wallet.After three days of freezing, thawing operation energy can be performed.To continue to vote, you need to re -freeze to obtain your wallet and go to the central bandwidth.

4. What does it mean that it can be used as a trading medium for digital assets.Similar to other cryptocurrencies.You can only get one resource freezing each time.

5. In any set time period, the wallet is developed in August 2020 and the corresponding resources will be removed after being developed in August 2020.Energy can only be used by frozen bands, also known as the energy of the mother currency.