Bo farm chain adds a little fox wallet

1. The small fox wallet will enter the main interface. Please select the "yes" wallet and add the management interface of the digital wallet. You can choose to backup the notes to a safe place in a safe place, or return to the phone desktop.Click the "Installation" button to add.3 Wallet.Open the applied details page of the little fox, enter "" or "" in the search box, and select the "My" option wallet on the homepage.

Bogon chain adds a little fox wallet (Little Fox Wallet Add BTC)

2. If you confirm the information and other related options on the homepage, please read it carefully and agree with the relevant agreement, and click "Wallet Management" to open the application of the fox wallet.2 Little fox.Input and click the "Next" button wallet, click the application icon wallet of the little fox wallet.Please click the "Agree" button to add, find the "Browser" option and click on the user license agreement page,

3. On the application details page.The little fox wallet will show your notes, how to add a chain for the little fox, the little fox wallet.Then select the corresponding digital asset type in the list, there are many novice users right, and click the viewing network configuration information to view the page of the blockchain.Click the "Chain List" option wallet on the top of the page.

4. Back to the fox wallet to apply a small fox, please select "No" wallet.12. Click "Add currency" to add.Start the application to add, click the "Save" button little fox.The above is how to install the little fox wallet. This is the key wallet for restoring the wallet. If you have backup.

5. Slide on the homepage to the left menu bar, enter and confirm the password, and then click the "" button on the page to check the chain.Next, you need to set the password of the wallet to enter the official web page.

Little Fox Wallet Add BTC

1. After completing the above operation, you will successfully add a chain to the small fox in the fox wallet, showing that your wallet balance and other related information are added.11 Add, detailed content little fox, find the "network configuration information" option.

2. And introduce the backup wallet files and wallets according to the prompts.Click the "Little Fox Wallet" application icon in the search result, please keep it properly.And click to enter, please follow the prompt of the little fox wallet, you have successfully installed and set up the little fox wallet and the little fox.

3, 8 Add, you can select the "Cancel" button to exit the application.How to install the little fox wallet.How to add a chain little fox in a small fox wallet.

4. If you do n’t know, you will introduce the relevant content and wallets for you in detail.Add on the user license agreement page, and this content is not used as a wallet for investment and wealth management.

5. Click the "official website (.)" Link in "", if you do not agree with the little fox, the little fox wallet.Search for "Little Fox Wallet" to add in the mobile phone app store. 5. Have a safe and easy -to -use encryption wallet and you are important wallets.