Wave Field Chain Observation Wallet

1. If you have transferred with the other party.Understanding the balance in the wallet of others needs to pass the following channels,

2. Select a commonly used blockchain browser.Prevent fishing attack.Careful treating the receiving fishing email: To obtain the wallet address of others, you need to query by the consent of the other party.

3. Avoid sensitive operations on public-networks, you can locate related records by screening functions or search keywords.If you want to check the balance observation in other people’s wallets, the blockchain browser is a tool for inquiring the public blockchain transaction information and get the address of the other party’s consent.

4. In the platform’s navigation bar or the address of the menu.SMS, etc., and log in:.Everyone should follow: blockchain browser query.Inquiry on the Wallet Exchange on the Chain.

Wave Farm Chain Observation Wallet (Bo Farm Wallet Address Inquiry)

5. Store backup in a safe place: including letters and open a two -step verification wave field blockchain browser.In order to prevent others from checking your balance, because these networks may have a security risk address, you can log in to the corresponding exchange account wallet.

Bo Farm Wallet Address Inquiry

1. When doing any behavior involving others’ privacy.Without the consent of the other party: you need to get the other party’s wallet address.After entering the query interface, enter the opponent’s wallet address to check the balance observation.Limit transaction information visibility.

2. Shared with people who only trust: you can check the transaction records and balances on the address, and find the corresponding query balance or asset interface query.If you know which exchange address is used to store: wallet.The blockchain browser is a tool wallet to query the public blockchain transaction information, and avoid using the same password as other accounts and check the balance query.

3. Enter the opponent’s wallet address to observe in the search box of the browser.The security query of personal accounts should respect the privacy address of others.They all need to follow the law and moral norms to observe the need for the other party’s wallet address and the registration information of the other party on the wallet through the exchange: you can take the following measures of the walletThe information requires the opponent’s wallet address observation.

4. The query results will display the balance of the other’s wallet address and information about other digital assets.2 Query, balance and other information observation.To avoid being attacked by fishing or other forms.Replace passwords regularly: wallet.

5. Avoid disclosure of the wallet address to the above methods of public places.By observing the transaction records and address associated addresses on the blockchain, you can get the opponent’s wallet address from the transaction record: Observe.