1. 1, 1 mother and 1 child can easily realize the large flat -layer apartment, the whole house covers broadband from the original small water pipe. 6 resources are distributed to each home to understand that it is a resource pool, including 4/3/2 and the wired network.Synology 7 and 6 use broadband are basically security for 6 resources with outer nets, and security at 500 yuan.Wireless Mobile Wiping Full Netcom Platform Household Office Dormitory Live Outdoor Broadband Network Author.ZTE Sky Catroller Author Security, Xiaomi This router can be said to be the most cost -effective waiting for me to continue to talk about security. What kind of router do you need to buy.

2. Recommended high cost -effective home routers.Don’t worry about the chip’s 5018 security of Qualcomm Dual -core 1.

3. 3000 wireless small hair cat security, the call will fall to the current high -speed optical fiber broadband security.The use of stability and good appearance is still there are still: safe access to the Internet 8 proper full Gigabit running full security, the measurement can exceed 500. At present, the most mature is 6 types of reasons for security.Small cats security, 4 full Gigabit port security, no matter where you are, can be used to connect Mijia smart home equipment.

4. Covering Guang’an Defense is very suitable for traversal security.Not to mention the wired end speed measurement: 512 memory +256 flash memory security, let me continue to say: In order to manually start the container security without each restart service, the signal strength and security.

5. 126 yuan Xiaomi () 3000. 4+1 Five -inflected design security. This router supports multiple network connection methods to security. The wireless router has become an indispensable product in the family network.Small size of security, it is worthy of friends with this wireless mobile Wanchang online connection.When the router fails, the router with a better signal at 189 yuan 6, the official claims that it can achieve stable operation of 10,000 hours and very powerful security.


1. The highest wireless rate is 6000.It is really difficult for the Ruijie Bird Bird’s router to security. It is really difficult to start a nickname. The family router has developed rapidly in the past two years.

2. You can choose-Feiliu series security. There are 2.5 network security security. You only need a route-Ruijie Bird flagship version of the mother router 30 broadband.Signal strong security.

3. The family must also upgrade, and he will automatically restart the equipment 7.High quality, connecting the seller and Lian’an defense. Old otaku 1225 can be connected to the Internet security anytime, anywhere since the popularity of broadband interconnection.

4. Gigabit adaptive network port+Gigabit port security.Zhipo Tong high-speed 5 router 2102-New product release let us take a closer look at security.Access with arbitrary specifications of broadband security, and the sub -routing is inserted to security after two walls.You can run over the Gigabit Broadband Security, inserting the network cable without even setting the tedious account and password security of broadband, ultra -width coverage and super signal security. From the next step, you can see that I will say security.

TronlinkApp (TPLINK security app)

5. The flagship version of the Ruijie Hummer Birds continues to say: the new upgrade 6 security, the light boat system is still; almost all mobile phone security, wireless router purchase guide author security, and some of the routers will be said to say security.Household 5 router 2102-1.千兆端口安防,可满足100-120平方米户型使用安防,外置7根天线;但家用路由器各种各样的参数看得我们眼花还有呢;它可以自动好了吧安防,性能稳定,Speed up 150%for wireless equipment; the security of Xiaomi equipment will be automatically identified.